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The Model Student- Modeling as a Teen in Highschool

Though high school models seem to live a charmed life, they face immense challenges as they balance their education and their job. They must accept criticism on their bodies while maintaining their grades, which can pile on significant stress. Student models are caught between two worlds, staying professional to their career and being an average teenager.

Modeling often has negative effects, such as draining their self-esteem and, due to the excessively long hours, models are even more susceptible to mental breakdowns and stress. The requirements of a model are demanding and seemingly unrealistic, while being enforced very harshly.

The Lake reached out to Ione King ‘21, a high school model attending online school.

“The amount of rejection that a model faces everyday at castings for different clients can be taxing. I’ve gotten used to it, but many girls are very stressed. Modeling puts a lot of pressure on girls to keep their measurements very low, and watch their weight obsessively. I’ve had contracts say I’ll be fired and sent home if I gain a centimeter around my hips or waist,” King said.

A significant aspect of modeling is traveling and making their name known in the modeling world. Traveling can cut school time and intrude on their personal lives.

“I generally don’t enjoy being away from home for months at a time or living with unpredictable housemates,” King said.

Specifically for teen models, traveling can completely detach them from their home life. Ione faced the difficulties of being forced to stop going to public schools and start online schooling.

“Modeling has completely halted my ability to attend public school as my work takes me out of the country and away from home,” King said.

Balancing school and modeling is a challenge, though it is not impossible. Busy teen models are forced to focus their time on their work schedule while staying concentrated on schooling and maintaining good grades.

“I’ve had to make the switch to completely online learning which is a give and take. I’ve been able to keep my grades up but getting work done while being so busy is a new challenge.”

Despite the challenges, modeling opens new doors and opportunities such as meeting and collaborating with other experienced models. Traveling the world and living with other people can be absolutely terrifying but also brings new experiences while allowing them to continue their passion.

All models don’t necessarily travel too far from home. For a locally based career, Charley Renee ‘22, models within Denver. Charley stays at home and models for Denver Fashion week, walking the runway.

“I mostly just walk on runways and then I work with a modeling coach,” Renee said.

Regardless of the differences between the two models, there is still a shared passion for modeling.

“I enjoy the work. I generally don’t enjoy being away from home for months at a time or living with unpredictable housemates who may not speak English, but getting to shoot for vastly different brands is always fun.” King said.

“Go for it, try it, if you really want to do it I think you should, like it’s really fun,” says Renee.

In the end, high school modeling, like most things, is going to vary greatly for every individual, and the results one receives and the challenges they face will depend on their own circumstances. Teen modeling can take away from a typical high school experience, but gives new horizons and opportunities to those willing to face the hurdles.

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