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Mask Fashion - The Up rise of mask fashion due to COVID-19 has taken over SLHS

During the 2020 global pandemic, masks have proven to be imperative for the safety of every individual. However, it seems to be that masks have also presented themselves as a part of everyone’s daily wardrobe. Name brands such as American Eagle, Louis Vuiton, GAP, Vera Bradley, and several small businesses on Etsy have started growing in popularity. Many people have also taken the time to create their own masks that encompass their own personal style. From surgical to design filled, from plain and basic masks to ones that show pride, mask fashion seems to be one that will go down in the books and we're so here for it! Let’s see how this new fashion trend dominates not only our society but at our very own school, SLHS!

Standley Lake staff members, Mrs. Mulvaney and Mrs. Noell represent Gator pride through their custom made SLHS face masks.

Ms. Post, a social studies teacher at Standley Lake High School, shows off her creativity in the making of masks, with a fun and colorful owl design!

Ms. Seiler is beside her as she introduces her plaid patterned mask.

Our mascot, Mr. Gator himself, gazes over the office while wearing a simple

but effective surgical mask to keep himself and others safe!

Isabella Dugan ‘21, shows off her colorful flower mask with a light blue color background, while on her way to work, protecting herself and others.

Mr Harding, a math teacher at SLHS, shows off his blue and white patterned mask.

Mrs Cassady, a science teacher at SLHS, shows off her unique blue and white plaid mask.

Our librarian, Ms.Jenkins, rocking her book patterned mask!

Some more members of our staff at SLHS wearing masks for the safety of themselves and the people around them!

This year, it has become the new normal to wear face coverings in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mask fashion has ultimately manifested into a new trend. Despite the crisis of the pandemic, many people have found a new outlet for creative expression through the styles of their masks, while still remaining cautious and protected. That said, COVID has undoubtedly taken a massive toll on the world we live in. Perhaps the newfound creativity behind mask fashion serves as its own spark of hope through these perilous times.

Jane Ababei | Yash Basnet | Amelia Carlblom | Sejal Goud | Sarah Hesser | Kaylynn Tran

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