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Getting Strange in the Swamp

Absurd obsessions, habits and addictions are prominent everywhere in today's society. Whether it be collecting monster energy drink tabs or nervously smelling one's feet, everybody has a funky quirk. The Lake decided to take a deep dive into the swamp and find the weirdos of SLHS.


Bags and bags of colorful tabs from the Monster Energy drink cans. A sophomore here at SLHS, named Oliva, collects monster tabs hoping one day that she can trade them for monster merchandise. She’s collecting them for herself and her friends so they can have a hoodie.


Have you ever been so nervous you’ve chewed on plastic? A freshman Brooke, addiction is chewing on plastic figurines when she’s nervous. This has been an addiction for two to three years now. Brooke told us, this figurine is her favorite to chew on due to the textures of the bubbles.


Place your tongue to the roof of your mouth all the way back. Do you enjoy this texture too? A student here at SLHS has an addiction to touching those glands, she finds it very calming and satisfying. She’s seventeen and has enjoyed this for twelve years.

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