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Mac Miller - Circles

Top Hit from Album: Good News

In the past decade, America has lost many influential artists. Mac Miller tragically passed due to an accidental drug overdose in September 2018. This year, his album “Circles” was released posthumously and has left many with nostalgia, while hearing Mac’s last masterpiece. This album serves as a beautiful companion to his album “Swimming” that was released immediately prior to his passing. Not only does this album provide calming, chill-out music, but it also allows insight into the rapper’s visions and mindset before his death. Hence, the album encompasses his grief after the breakup of his two-year relationship with Ariana Grande, and the title “Circles” displays how the rapper felt hopeless. This album contains a collection of songs about self-discovery and the process of obtaining growth from the good and bad experiences of life.

Tame Impala - Currents

Top Hit from Album- The Less I Know The Better

This album explores the complexities of a life in transition. Moving through events such as breakups, hard times at school, or simply life in general, Tame Impala shows understanding and growth through it all. As you listen to “Currents”, it provides a sampling of white disco and alternative genres. Tame Impala recreates the sounds of the late 60s and 70s, incorporating an uplifting sound that anyone could relate to. This is an album of embracing change, moving on, and letting life happen. Tame Impala tries to make his music as universal as possible, focusing his music away from negative energy while creating a sense of harmony with life itself.

Post Malone - Stoney

Top Hit from Album: Go Flex

In late 2016, Post Malone released his debut studio album, Stoney. After his first hit “White Iverson” climbed the charts, “Congratulations,” and “I Fall Apart” became hits. This album has left its imprint in young people’s minds, as Post Malone’s music continues to inspire young adults to be themselves and live life outside of their comfort zones. Post Malone typically fuses country, pop, and rap/hip-hop influences in his albums. Young adults were even more surprised about the features he had on the album including Kehlani, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and 2 Chainz. This album is a great listen if you are willing to break the rules with genre-bending or want to feel sentimental, and especially if you are searching for songs to listen to on a late-night drive.

Luke Combs- This One’s For You

Top Hit from the album: Hurricane

Shortly after Luke Combs’ album dropped in 2017, it made history for having “Hurricane”, “When it Rains, it Pours”, “One Number Away”, and “She’s Got the Best of Me” as #1 hits on the Billboard Country Charts without any features. This album blends a classic country feel with a twist of pop. “This One’s For You” can be described as a healing album, shifting in its focus from breakups to living one’s best life. The songs in the album go hand-in-hand with each other, making it very popular. The complimentary mixture of vocals and guitar never overpower each, allowing every song to fit perfectly into the album. This album is often overlooked but holds a wealth of musical variety.

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